Quality system

Quality and Food Safety : a requirement to improve our efficiency and reliability
Corbet systeme qualite

Quality system in place since 2006, based on ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 standards, fully integrated into our activity

HACCP approach with its plan and regular reviews


Certification Organic Ecocert

  • Traceability system with a specific winery software; recording of all wine movements and oenological operations
  • Heavy metals / pesticides analysis control plan …
  • Regular audits to verify and improve our system
  • Integrated laboratory
  • Specifications validation by all suppliers
Corbet schema systeme qualite

The QSA policy of CORBET SAS is intended to be scalable and aims to continuously improve its performance; it is periodically revised during Management Reviews. Providing our customers with quality products at the best price, taking into account their requirements, will allow us to retain them, without neglecting prospecting to conquer new markets.

We intend to ensure the harmonious development of our company by making optimal, sustainable and efficient use of the natural, human and financial resources at our disposal, by promoting external communication, and this, in accordance with the regulations in force and by mastering an approach analysis and control of food safety hazards.

Environmental concerns :

Eager to protect our environment, we contribute to the best recycling of our various wastes and our effluents.

Societal concerns :

We are sensitive to improving the quality of life of employees and all those in contact with the company.