Wishing to offer our customers a wide choice of aromatic profiles with “tailor-made” blends and quick availability, we have a storage capacity of 33,000 hl in vats of different capacities to meet all needs:

  • Winery capacity: 200 containers of different volumes from 2.50 hl to 1,250 hl for a total capacity of 33,000 hl
  • Several tanks with mobile ceiling allowing to store the desired volumes
  • Oak barrels for undergrowth aging

We can also offer vat rental when our customers have an exceptional storage need.

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We have our own tank trucks allowing us to be reactive for the delivery of our customers. Our trucks only transport wine .

  • Stainless steel tank truck : with 15 compartments respectively ranging from 6.30 Hl to 25.75 Hl and 10.50 Hl to 52.1 Hl, these trucks are intended for loading wine by our suppliers, but also to deliver volumes adapted to customers’s requests. Coupled with its trailer, thes first unit can transport up to 300 hl ; the second one cant transport up 265 Hl
  • Truck with tailgate : this carrier allows the delivery of Bag in Box, bottles, barrels, tanks, IBC, etc…


In the logistical choices, we advise our customers by offering them certified food packaging solutions adapted to each production, such as:

  • Plastic barrels of 220 liters


  • IBC (intermediate bulk container) of 600, 800 and 1050 liters
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