We have our own laboratory integrated into our activity allowing regular analytical and organoleptic monitoring of the entire winery.

Corbet-Laboratoire - 2
Corbet laboratoire degustation 2

Our analysis :

  • Analysis of classic wine parameters (alcoholic degree, pH, total acidity, volatile acidity, sugars, malic/lactic acids, …) using the Foss Wine scan = standardized infrared analyzer which guarentees high stability and the delivery of reliable results.
  • Potentiometric titrator for free SO2 and total SO2 analysis.


  • Spectrophotometer to determine color intensity.


  • Turbidimeter and clogging index to assess the turbidity and filterability of wines.


  • Determination of protein instability by heat test + tannins.
Our laboratory is a key position in our company - Analysis and tasting of wines at all stages: purchase, reception, storage/aging and departure
Corbet degustation vin
  • Analysis done by our Laboratory Technician
  • Selection of purchases by our Wine Purchasing Manager and our Oenologist
  • Control of analyses, organoleptic monitoring of wines in stock, prescripton of treatments and organization of the production of blended wine to meet customer specifications by our Oenologist
  • Preparation of samples for customers